15+ Years International Education Experience.

Educational and leadership experience in England, Mexico, India, Venezuela and New Zealand.

Head of School at The British School Caracas (2013-2020)



  • Followership (the theory).
  • Followership (retention and recruitment).
  • Head of School Mentoring.
  • Management/Leadership Mentoring.
  • Non-academic related support (finance, HR, Legal etc).
  • Vision, Mission and Value statements.
  • Increasing student numbers (admissions).


  • Followership (the theory).
  • Followership (retention and recruitment).
  • A new stream of leadership.
  • Focus on staff.
  • Developing staff and getting their potential in order to improve organisational effectiveness.

Teaching and Learning

  • Training teachers, (new and experienced).
  • Ground-level, hands-on tips and strategies.
  • Behaviour management.
  • Whole school approaches.
  • The use of technology and training.
  • IB experience (consultant, site visitor and workshop leader).
  • IGCSE experience.
  • English National Curriculum experience.


  • Curriculum Development.
  • ‘Innovative Mathematics Programme is Outstanding’ (British School Overseas 2018 inspection report for The British School Caracas).


  • Recruiting Against the Odds.
  • Average staff turnover of 20% over 6 years in one of the most challenging countries in the world (Venezuela).
  • Teaching staff: recruitment searches.
  • Leadership staff: recruitment searches.
  • Teachers: Support to find the right school.
  • Founder of YKB Education (free recruitment service for teachers and schools).

Appraisal Systems

  • Teaching body.
  • Management and Leadership.
  • Administration/Secretarial team.
  • A 360 viewpoint.


  • Outstanding Pastoral care (British School Overseas 2018 inspection report for The British School Caracas).
  • Every child counts.
  • Ethic of Care.
  • Kindness.


  • Full Board training programme.
  • School reviews.
  • Staff Handbook.
  • Board Handbook.
  • Parent Handbook.
  • Student Handbook.
  • CIS accreditation expertise.
  • BSO inspection expertise.

Crisis Management

  • Seven years in Venezuela (2013-2020).
  • Four major civil protests, one lasting 100+ days in 2017.
  • Hyperinflation.
  • Currency devaluation.
  • Food shortages.
  • Water shortages and rationing.
  • Gas shortages.
  • Fuel shortages
  • Medicine shortages.
  • Power outages.
  • Issues with travel (flights reduced and visa difficulties).
  • Security (Caracas is the ‘murder capital of the world’).
  • Political instability (e.g. attempted presidential coup, fraudulent elections, two presidents operating in parallel etc).
  • COVID-19.



“Amazingly quick and effective decision-maker”

“Innovative and inspiring leadership”

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