Warning:  This article is a plug for a service – a service I have utmost respect for.

In Venezuela, as in many countries, schools are unable to source and purchase various teaching resources locally.  As such, they need to look at using suppliers a little further from home.  There are many out there but the quality of service from start to end tends to be below satisfactory.  One such service sticks out as an exception: Equip My School.

Some background:  During my seven years in Venezuela, it was next to impossible to purchase quality products locally and/or niche products specific to our context.  Our previous experience with other companies was full of inefficiencies, time delays and communication issues.  It was extremely frustrating.  This is when Equip My School came to my rescue – As Head of School, I decided to make the switch to Equip My School in 2015.  They were the exception – modern, forward thinking and extremely efficient.  From start (order) to delivery, it was always smooth, year upon year.  

I have to point out some aspects that are a life-saver for any school that needs such a service:

  • Immediate and quick communication from the go.
  • Communication can and often does arrive from ‘the top’.
  • A personal one-on-one service feel.
  • Orders arrive as one batch – extremely convenient.
  • Orders are placed through a bespoke portal created by Equip My School.  This portal is in one word – amazing!  Easy to use as a school leader and for teachers to place orders.  I was in awe when I first saw it.
  • Once orders are placed, and approved by supervisors, the Equip My School contact will stay in touch, but only as and when needed.
  • Orders can be placed from the UK and other parts of the world, i.e. USA, Australia.
  • If a product cannot be sourced, a replacement is offered.
  • Clear deadlines set, including final delivery.  These were always met.

During the 5 years I used Equip My School, I have come to admire their business model, quality service and efficiency.  It is sad to hear how the COVID pandemic is currently affecting their work, hence I make no apologies for this article. Schools need quality services such as Equip My School. 

I would recommend any school, anywhere, to use Equip My School for your orders, whether small or large.  They are truly an exceptional company – way ahead of its competition.

Please do contact me if you have any questions about this fantastic company.

Yasir Patel (yasir@yasirpatel.com)


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